What We’re About

teacherIt’s the Journey not the Destination - Let’s face it, for many, learning a language has the rap of being a long, arduous, and frustrating experience. An experience of passing or, too often, failing.  It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we have been changing that paradigm one student at a time since 1998. Learning a language is a process, and it’s personal. Every time you show up, you are succeeding.  We are about offering an environment where students can focus on their own process, and teachers can bring their experience and personal touch to each of their students. 

We know from experience that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  Learning a language is about forging your own path at your pace in an environment that not only encourages but inspires you. In fact, that is the beauty of it and why we are so passionate about sharing that. We work with individuals of all ages, schools, corporations and government agencies.  In every instance, our goal is to help our students craft a program that best meets their learning needs.

About Our Students: At ABC, your goals and your learning process are our priority.  Some students come looking for a quick course to prepare for a trip. Others just want to spend a few months gaining or refreshing language skills or dive in for a 25-hour per week intensive in preparation for a move abroad.  Then others are here to make this an ongoing practice for self-enrichment. The point is, this is your journey and every single person at ABC Languages wants to help you facilitate that journey.

About Our Teachers: Our teachers are our community and we are lucky and proud to work with such a wonderful, talented and international group of people.  ABC teachers are passionate about what they do. Most of our roughly 100 instructors have been working with us for 5+ years. Every single one brings their own flavor and the best of themselves to the classroom. Having multiple methods at their disposal, enables them to design a creative and learner-centric environment where they can have a direct dialogue with you, the student, and cater their approach to meet your particular learning needs and goals.